About GHO

The Global Hemp Organization

is organized by the people, for the people: starting with farmers and expanding to all facets of the aspects of hemp in the World.

GHO is a platform

for all people to share one’s knowledge and authority. This is not a hierarchy. We are a community to collaborate around the skills and knowledge of us all.

We represent and advocate

for farmers and hemp interests — tackling regulatory and legislative obstacles before they hit our members’ bottom line.

Prior to the Global Hemp Organization, only those with vast wealth and resources had a voice that carried any weight on the national or international stage. In partnership with our state and local hemp organizations all over the country, we have a voice that we put to work every day empowering all farmers and businesses to achieve even more with hemp than they thought possible.

The timing is ripe for this incredible plant to blossom into new potentials and breathe new life into the health of individuals and patients, local economies, and the environment, It is more crucial than ever to have a farmer-centric organization to unite and provide a voice for everyone.

GHO aims to break the continued control from 1937 to 1972 to 2018. It has all been manipulated and We The People are taking responsibility to free the pant for the people.

Sadly, many other associations and groups have demonstrated their true nature and advocated for legislation that will empower them with competitive advantages while making it difficult (sometimes impossible) for others to get involved.

At the Global Hemp Organization, we believe that we have many hard battles to fight now with many more ahead. We cannot fight these battles as individuals. As we come together under one collective, our voice becomes much louder and our impact much greater than when any of us stand alone. Our shared spirit of freedom and passion for all the good this plant can bring to the world; combined with knowing it’s not too late to fight to free the plant and protect the farmers and patients, makes us pioneers on the front lines of the war to make this world a better place.

We provide tools, systems, and resources that help members of all sizes get significantly better operating results. Our work doesn’t end there. We offer members networking, education, and access to the latest research. All of this is made possible by our vast support and sacrifice from those who have laid the groundwork to build this arena. It is also only made possible because of the exponential growth in interest and memberships from farmers and businesses everywhere who have placed their faith in us after losing it in others.

We save our members time, money and headaches by helping them take on what matters most for their success and growth — whether that’s protecting their freedoms and right to produce and utilize hemp, looking out for their economic interests, sharing the latest and best practices, or giving them the latest scoop for what trends are emerging in the world of hemp.

We strive to move the Global arena forward by providing tough-to-find answers to puzzling questions, distilling complex information into practical knowledge and helping our members navigate the issues that can leave them “in the weeds”. On the ground, we unify farmers in particular regions and help them to strategize, form co-op models if desired, obtain the right genetics, and establish ideal processing facilities to suit the collective needs.

Expert Educators

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Richard Rose

Richard Rose

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Steve Sarich

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Chris Martin

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Jason Lauve

Jason Lauve

Hemp Cleans

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